About Us

With a team experienced and knowledgeable in both the security industry and software engineering, KapLogic Corporation was incorporated in 2002. The goal: To provide security personnel with an easy-to-use, customizable and powerful physical security information management (PSIM) solution that seamlessly integrates disparate and competitive security products.

Soon KapLogic’s flagship product, Aegis PSIM Intelligent Integration Software, was available and on duty across the country and internationally. From simple systems to sophisticated enterprise systems Aegis is increasing security officers’ ability to monitor, manage and respond to security situations.

Aegis allows companies the freedom not to be locked into manufacturer’s proprietary solutions. With Aegis, companies can choose to keep their legacy systems and still add the best-of-breed. Aegis also provides future-proofing, ensuring the ability to migrate to emerging technologies. Aegis allows companies to make upgrades/additions in a logical, planned manner based on their schedule and budget. As parts of the companies’ existing system fail or become obsolete, they can replace them with newer technology with no significant impact on their security operations.

Aegis drivers are currently available for more than 40 manufacturer’s products: access control, video management systems, intercom, life safety, intrusion, and Computer Aided Dispatch.

Aegis3 was introduced in 2011. Aegis3 provides geo-spatial maps, action plans with incident management, enchanced team communications, virtual matrix switching capabilities that work across all video manufacturers, alarm escalation, logic based events and many more features. Aegis3 provides all the power and features required in today’s market and still maintains the ease of use that Aegis is known for. Our competitors products often take months to install and configure whereas Aegis can be installed and configured in weeks or less.

With the continuing need of security personnel to have simple but powerful tools that allow them to do their job efficiently and effectively, KapLogic continues to lead the industry by delivering quality security integration software and hardware products.

Industries we serve

Airport ~ Banking/Finance ~ Commercial/Industrial ~ Education ~ Government ~ Military ~ Museum ~ Oil & Gas ~ Retail ~ Transportation ~ Utility ~ Sea Ports

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