Unifying Disparate Security Systems

Maximizing Security: Effectively and Efficiently

Unifying Disparate Security Systems
On A Secure Common Platform

KapLogic Corporation is the recognized leader of security integration software.

With a team experienced and knowledgeable in both the security industry and software engineering, KapLogic Corporation was incorporated in 2002. 

The goal:  To provide security personnel with an easy-to-use, customizable and powerful intelligent integration software platform. The software seamlessly integrates disparate security products.

There is a need for security personnel to have simple to use but powerful tools that allow them to do their job effectively and efficiently.

KapLogic delivers quality security integration software and hardware products.

KapLogic Corporation secures your freedom to choose
the best security components for your facilities.

Unlimited integration capabilities with Aegis

News & Updates

Aegis3.3 GIS

Aegis provides critical information to users during any range of situations. Aegis3.3 has enhanced the critical information with the addition of

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Aegis 3.2 Release

KapLogic Corporation is excited to announce the release of the newest version of Aegis! The official press release: Aegis 3.2 Press Release.

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