Aegis 3.2 Release

KapLogic Corporation is excited to announce the release of the newest version of Aegis! The official press release: Aegis 3.2 Press Release.

Richard Beard                                                                           FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 7/24/20
KapLogic Corporation

KapLogic Corporation Announces Release of Aegis 3.2
State-of-the Art Unified Security Platform

Denver, CO: Today, KapLogic Corporation, software development company specializing in intelligent security integration products, announces the latest version of its flagship product Aegis.

Aegis 3.2 includes:

Data mediation

o Data mediation brings new levels of state-of-the-art logging and reporting. All reporting and logging are now stored in a separate database, creating faster reporting and data analysis with no impact on security monitoring.
o All user actions, configuration changes, device state changes, errors, etc. are automatically sent to data mediation.
o Additional reporting and business intelligence can easily be added to the Aegis eco-system. Data Mediation is also available for use by third parties allowing greater integration between Aegis and other systems


o Easy-to-use video management across all video systems that integrate with Aegis. Seer provides video walls, physical joysticks for PTZ, salvos, tours, remote video calls and utilizes off the shelf hardware for video wall management.
o Additional content with one-click display on any Aegis monitor

Aegis ASIM (Aegis Security Infrastructure Monitoring) Dashboard
Web pages

o Streamlined salvo configuration and management


o ASIM (Aegis Security Infrastructure Monitoring) brings critical monitoring of security servers and hardware
o Configuration and management improvements
o Built-in remote desktop panels

Latest Microsoft tools and libraries

Bug fixes and enhancements

Contact us today for information about upgrades and how Aegis can help solve your security integration problems and provide a clearer picture of your subsystems and infrastructure.

About KapLogic Corporation: With a team experienced and knowledgeable in both the security industry and software engineering, KapLogic Corporation was incorporated in 2002. The goal: To provide security personnel with an easy-to-use, customizable, and powerful physical security information management (PSIM) solution. It is important that this PSIM seamlessly integrates disparate and competitive security products.