Richard Beard - President of KapLogic Corporation

Richard Beard

Co-Founder & President

Richard Beard is a Co-Founder and President of KapLogic Corporation. He has been integral in the corporate development of KapLogic and sales of Aegis, the advanced graphical command and control integration software for the security industry. He has been a speaker at security conferences.

Prior to KapLogic, Mr. Beard was a partner in the technical contract staffing company, ENSCICON. He was instrumental in creating the right technical teams for projects that ranged from mining to IT to medical devices.

Mr. Beard holds a BS degree in Education and Business Administration from the University of Nebraska-Kearney.

Mark Repetto - Vice President of KapLogic Corporation

Mark Repetto

Co-Founder & Vice President

Mark Repetto is a Co-Founder and Vice President of KapLogic Corporation. He has been writing graphical and integration software for the security industry since 1995. He is currently designing and developing the next generation graphical and digital video GUI for KapLogic. His field specialties include digital video integration and management, networking.

Prior to co-founding KapLogic, Mr. Repetto was essential to the development of other graphical integration products including Oasis and Excalibur. Mr. Repetto also spent a year working for Powerway, Inc. a leader in web-based supply chain management software for the automotive industry.

Mr. Repetto holds a BS in Computer Science from University of Missouri: Rolla.